Stop fighting is the only way to save civilians in Yemen: UN

“What we are seeing (in Yemen) today is horrific.” the United Nations Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen Lise Grande said on Thursday  in her comment on the Al- Jawf massacre.

Grande stressed that “the only way in which civilians can be safe in Yemen is when both sides decide to stop the fighting.”

“The only chance for Yemen is for the parties to take such a step,” Grande added in a statement.

The UN Coordinator affirmed that the initial field reports indicate that air raids took place Wednesday killed at least 11 civilians, including many children and women, and injured at least five children and a woman in Al- Mesafah village east of al-Hazm city in Jawf province.

“This is the second time in this week that women and children were randomly killed and injured in an attack,” she said, indicating that the actual numbers of victims were likely to be higher, but it has not yet been verified.

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