UAE pushing to Control  Socotra ports

UAE intensified its moves in Socotra Island, in an attempt to control the last land and sea outlets.. This coincides with the beginning of Saudi Arabia to bring Hadi’s military and security leaders to the island.

Abu Dhabi affiliated factions arrested the director of Socotra Port, Lt. Abd Al-Mu’in Muhammad, and local sources said, the arrest was on the pretext of not cooperating with self-administration, disrupting work at the port and not handing the port’s stamp.

The arrest came hours after the head of STC, on the island, Raafat Ali, met the Saudi forces commander and discussed with him measures to allow UAE private flights, “Royal Jet, to resume its semi-daily flights between Abu Dhabi and Socotra.

The arrest indicates to the refusal for STC demands by  Saudi forces who control the airport and take it as a military base.

Saudi forces had earlier threatened to bomb STC forces if they advanced towards the port and airport.

The Saudi moves confirm that they are about to return Hadi’s commanders to their posts, where a number of them arrived on Tuesday on a private Saudi plane. This step raise the fears of STC who announced the self-rule in Aden, and trying to gain full representation for south amid Saudi pressure to eliminate STC from the eastern provinces, raising powers as General Council of Socotra and Al- Mahrah sons and Hadhramaut components.

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Socotra under full UAE sovereignty