Death toll of al-Jawf massacre rises to at least 31

The death toll of al-Mesafah village  massacre in Al-Jawf province has risen to more than 31 killed and injured, most of whom women and children, a local security said Thursday.

According to the sources, Hospitals received 24 dismembered bodies, mostly women and children, in addition to seven wounded, said.

on Wednesday, Saudi-led  warplane had targeted a wedding ceremony for women at the house of Mabkhout Marzouk Merai in the area of al-Mesafah.

The sources confirmed that Marib Hospital received more than 16 mutilated bodies of women and children from the victims of the crime, in addition to a number of wounded, while Al-Hazm Hospital received eight bodies of dead and a number of wounded.

Governor of Jawf province Major General Amer al-Marrani assured that “the coalition knows that the targeted village is completely free of any military presence, yet it has targeted these civilians with premeditation.”

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