Anssarallah’s Missiles threaten Tel Aviv Likely : analysts

Political analysts stressed the importance of recent threats by Yemen’s Anssarallah movement  to attack different targets in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Israel, noting that Houthis’ offensive against Tel Aviv is possible fact.

The Arabic-language al-Ray al-Youm newspaper underlined that the recent comments by The Head of the pro-Houthis Intelligence and Reconnaissance, Major General Abdullah Al-Hakim to attack targets in Saudi Arabia are not nothing new but his threats to target Tel Aviv are even more important.

“Anssarallah is moving along the same path already taken by the Lebanese Hezbollah and it materializes most of its threats,” it added.

The Arab paper noted that Anssarallah’s offensives against Israel could come through air raids on the Port of Eilat on the Red Sea as Houthis missiles and drones can now reach the Saudi port of Yanba’a whose distance from Eilat is less than tens of kilometers.

A second possibility is targeting the Israeli ships at the entrance of Bab al-Mandab by using marine missiles or speed boats, it added.

General Abdullah Yahya al-Hakim had warned earlier this week that “the Yemeni Armed Forces are in possession of extensive intelligence on a large number of vital and key points in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Tel Aviv and farther areas”.

early this week, General Al-Hakim also affirmed that the Sana’a Armed Forces today have a bank of vital and important targets, not only in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but also in Tel Aviv and beyond.

Al-Hakim, confirmed that the intelligence achievements exceeded the front lines and reached the depths of the Saudi-led coalition capitals and their secret operations rooms.

“The Intelligence and Reconnaissance, after its rebuilding process during the last period based on modern national and scientific foundations, by the grace of God and thanks to the persevering efforts, has become able to anticipate and sabotage enemy activities with steps”, Major General Abdullah Al-Hakim said in a statement to the newspaper September-26.

Major General Al-Hakim emphasized that the intelligence achievements reached the depths the capitals, of countries involved in the war against Yemen, and their secret operating rooms, their electronic war centers and their encrypted communications systems.

He warned the countries of Saudi coalition against continuing their violence or targeting the oil and economic installations in the Marib province, stressing by saying: “Our arm is strong and attacks are capable of reaching all of your oil and economic installations and completely destroying them.”

Major General Al-Hakim called on Marib’s tribes that are still in the ranks of coalition to return to the ranks of the people and participating in the elimination of the elements of the Takfiri organization from their areas, arresting those involved in the heinous crime that targeted the Suba’yan family and bringing them to justice, to obtain their deterrent punishment.

Also, on Tuesday, Head of the Ansarullah movement’s negotiating team, Mohammed Abdulsalam warned the Saudi officials that they should wait for more missile and drone attacks against the country’s key positions.

“Hey Salman! You deserve death. Missiles will come to you while they cannot be tracked,” Abdulsalam wrote on his twitter page.

“They always and every moment bring you breaking news that the (Yemeni) missiles are fired from their bases like a volcano,” he added.

Abdulsalam expressed confidence that God will help the Yemenis defeat the Saudi government and its leader.

Yemeni forces targeted Saudi Arabia’s strategic military sites, including military bases, and an oil facility, by a squadron of domestically-manufactured combat drones and ballistic missiles.

Spokesman of Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, said on last  Monday that “Tadaween military camp in Marib was targeted during a meeting of Saudi military commanders with mercenaries, killing and injuring dozens of them.”

“Other military sites were targeted in Abha, Jizan, and Najran airports,” he added.

General Sarie also said that a giant oil facility in the industrial zone in Jizan was accurately targeted.

He added that the military operation executed with undisclosed highly accurate ballistic missiles, and a large number of drones

“Our determination in the legitimate defense of Yemen until freedom and independence are achieved,” General Saree stressed.

According to previous reports on Sunday, four ballistic Yemeni missiles and seven drones laden with explosives hit designated targets in the city of Khamis Mushait in the Southwestern province of Asir and Abha, the capital city of Asir.

The reports added that King Khalid Airbase in Khamis Mushait and the Abha International Airport were targeted during the retaliatory assault.

The Saudi-led coalition, however, claimed on Monday it had intercepted and destroyed the rockets and drones. The coalition did not report any casualties.

The attack came after Saudi fighter jets pounded the Washhah district in Hajjah on Sunday, leaving ten civilians dead and two others injured.

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