Clashes break out in Aden

Fierce clashes broke out in the early hours of Wednesday morning between pro-coalition factions in Aden, southern Yemen, local sources said.

According to the Local sources, the clashes are taking place in more than one area, especially Khor Makser, between the special forces camp in “Sullaban”, most of whose members belong to Shabwah province and the so-called “Southern Resistance Council”, led by Abu Hammam al-Yafei.

The clashes erupted following the creation of security checkpoints by the Sullaban members and a house raid, as well as the attack that took place two days ago wounded the security chief of al-Ma’ala.

Moreover, the latest clashes and attacks came in retaliation against the   two assassination attempts on the head of the Resistance Council, Abu Hammam al-Yafei.

Recent developments indicate that the situation in the city is on the way to a full-scale explosion, especially in light of the escalating clashes in the neighboring province of Abyan and the military movements of transitional opponents in Lahj on the northern gate.