STC waving on military force to expel Saudi Arabia

The pro-UAE, Southern Transitional council (STC) organized a military parade on Sunday in front of Saudi forces camp in Aden, in indirect threat of expulsion for Saudi Arabia.

This coincides with Saudi pressure continuation on the STC to accept the government-sharing formula.

The parade was held during a popular demonstration organized by STC from all southern provinces under the slogan of demanding a salary.

Local sources said that thousands of pro-STC supporters to sit-in camp set up by army and security personnel in front of the gate of Saudi forces camp in Al-Buraiqeh since two weeks.

During the demonstration, symbolic units from STC’s factions participated in the military parade.

The demonstrators chanted slogans demanding the departure of Saudi Arabia from Aden city and handing over the province to its people.

The Supreme Military Authority for Security and Southern Army – one of STC’s arms – had previously called for demonstrations in front of Saudi forces camp in Aden, on the pretext of “salary” cut off since five years.

The demonstrations coincided with a media escalation by STC activists against Saudi Arabia.

Sources pointed out that STC demands full representation to south in the new government and refuses to back down from the decision of self-rule.