Race between STC and Islah party to overthrow Hadi in Lahij

The conflict parties in southern Yemen started on Monday a new race round to tighten its grip on Lahij province the northern and western gates of Aden province the Southern Transitional council (STC)  stronghold.

This coincided with the attempt of each party to raise his stake in the upcoming new government.

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In addition, while Islah party prepare to tighten his military grip by renewing more of military camps, the STC prepare for a protest against the pro- Hadi local authority.

Local sources in Al-Maqatirah District revealed that Islah forces started preparations to establish a new camp among popular neighborhoods in the district, noting that these militias said that they are building a scientific institute.

Islah party retains the Fourth Brigade camp in the neighboring Tur Al Bahah District. The recent moves of Islah party would besiege the nearby Al Anad Air Base, which recently witnessed clashes between giants and dissident forces from the exiled president Hadi, led by Fadl Hassan, who is now pro-STC.

It also comes amid signs of Qatari-Turkish moves to besiege Aden city, the stronghold of pro- UAE factions, in preparation to storm it.

On the other hand, the STC called for a massive demonstration next Thursday in context of an escalation against the authority of Governor Ahmed Al-Turki, who is affiliated with Hadi and Islah party.

Although STC controls the center, of southern Yemen, Aden city and Lahij remains one of multiple loyalties and has tribal diverse, where there Islah party, STC and tribal Pragmatic.

Several parties are also seeking to control this province, which is a strategic location over its view on Aden Gulf, up to Bab Al-Mandab, not to mention possessing the largest military bases in history and stationed in Al Anad.

The ongoing disputes in Riyadh reinforced the representation of the south from the intensity of the conflict in Lahij, where Islah party seeks to obtain ministerial portfolios from south, supported by the exiled president Hadi who wants to exclude the STC from full representation of south with 14 ministerial portfolios.

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