Sana’a marked #100th_Anniversary_of_Tanomah_Massacre

The Yemenis marked on weekend  the 100th anniversary of the massacre of the Yemeni pilgrims in Tanomah and Sadwan at the hands of the gangs of bin Saud in 1923.

The capital, Sana’a, is witnessing a number of events devoted to memorialization, while activists launch an online campaign to commemorate the hideous massacre.

The massacre documented by history books, claimed the lives of more than 3000 unarmed Yemeni pilgrims killed by the gangs of Al Saud in 1923.

Yemeni activists called for the launch of a massive online campaign, under the hashtag #100th_Anniversary_of_Tanomah_Massacre.

The campaign, according to activists, “highlighted this crime as a witness to the ugliness of the bloody Al Saud regime and its buried hatred since its inception towards Yemen and the Yemenis.”