Nearly 100 Saudi airstrikes on Yemen within 48 hours

The Saudi-led coalition warplanes targeted four provinces in Yemen with 96 strikes during the past 48 hours.

The Saudi-led coalition’s fighter jets attacked on Wednesday night various areas in al- Baidha and Marib provinces over the past hours with 21 air strikes, a security source in Sana’a said.

In Marib, nine strikes targeted Najd al-Ataq area of Sirwah district and Salb area of Majzar district, while four raids hit Abdiya and Mahlya districts.

In al- Baidha, the aircrafts launched eight raids on al-Qurashia, Natiaa and Sawadiah districts.

On Tuesday, The Saudi-led coalition has carried out over 60 intensive airstrikes on four Yemeni provinces, the Houthi-controlled Al Masirah broadcaster reported.

The coalition’s air force hit the province of Marib with 52 airstrikes, the broadcaster reported. Out of the total, 41 air raids were launched on the districts of Majzar and Medghal in Marib’s northwest, and nine — on the district of al- Baidha in its south, the broadcaster said.

According to the Al Masirah, the Arab coalition also conducted two air raids on Marib’s district of Sirwah.

Two Yemeni provinces that share border with Saudi Arabia – Al Jawf and Saada – were subjected to at least five airstrikes, the broadcaster added.

Meanwhile, the province of al- Baidha was hit by four airstrikes on the northern district of Nateh in its north.

Meanwhile, The Saudi-backed forces continued violating the ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah province, according to pro-Houthis military official in the port city.

The coalition forces committed 26 breaches, including the flight of a warplane over the sky of Hays, four spy planes in the airspace of the 50th and al-Jah St. areas and seven violations of artillery shelling, including 49 shells and 14 breaches with live bullets.