Saudi transfers Hadi military leaders from Socotra to Riyadh

Saudi Arabia transported a number of  military leaders in The internationally recognized government from Socotra Island to Riyadh,  political sources in Aden said .

This action comes within a tensions in the negotiations between Hadi’s government and the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC).

The sources indicated that among the leaders who left Socotra were Ali Salmin, commander of the first Marine Brigade, Saad Somal, commander of the Coastal Defense Brigade, Noah Eidhan, commander of the Military Police Branch, Fayez Shathi, director of Socotra Security, and Amjad Tani, director general of Hadibo district.

Military leaders in the STC militia rejected the Saudi request to leave Socotra to Riyadh, fearing that the island would be handed over again to the Islah Party militants, according to the sources.

Emirati forces in Socotra, eastern coast of Yemen, began last Sunday to establish a military base on the most important intersection point in the Indian Ocean of Arabian Sea.

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This coincides with the negotiations continuation between Hadi and STC in Riyadh, in a move; it might blow up Saudi efforts to make any progress in the negotiations.

Tribal sources revealed that UAE forces started to establish a private site in Ras Qattinan, after the tribes being forced to hand it over by force despite UAE failed previously to subdue them.

The STC militias took control of the city of Hadibu, the capital of Socotra Island, in the second half of last June.