Marib swallow Hadi leaders, Sana’a forces advance towered the city

The Sana’a  forces- loyal to Houthis-  made on last two days big victories against the Saudi-led coalition forces in Marib province, a military official in Sana’a said on Tuesday.

The official affirmed that the army gained full control of strategic areas in al-Abadiah distric during the fierce battles with the Saudi-backed forces.

According to the source,  Dozens of the coalition forces were killed and wounded, including a senior commander Saddam Hussein Saleh al-Sharif, in the battles in the province.

Earlier, the Sana’a forces took over a number of areas in Al-Abadiah and Mahliyah districts in the same province.

Marib province in the northern east of Yemen witnessed on Monday military developments might tip the scales there in favor of Sana’a forces that made progress amid preparations for a major battle.

A new commander of Islah militia was killed just hours after the injury of others.

Tribal sources confirmed the killing of commander, Abd Rabbo Saleh Al-Aqra, Brother of Khaled al-Aqra, the most prominent leader of Islah factions in Marib, and the commander of the 1st Brigade of mountainous infantry.

Al-Aqra was killed during the intense fighting on the frontlines in Marib.

The districts of Majzar and Al Abdiyah witnessed during the past 24 hours the fiercest battles amid the advance of Sana’a forces, and despite the coalition launched more than 25 air strikes in an attempt to halt the accelerated progress.

Sources said that Sana’a forces stationed at Majzar Front advanced through three combat axes, namely Al-Jawah, Al-Lisan, and Jufra.

Coalition aircraft launched new raids on Brigade 172 infantry stationed in the district and belong to Islah forces.

In Al Abdiyah district, sources confirmed that Sana’a forces controlled Al-Hijla Junction, after battles resulted in deaths and injuries of Islah party factions, including the leader of party’s factions in the front, Mabkhoot Bin Jaber Al-Shabwani Al-Obaidi.

These developments come before the start of a battle that could be decisive considering to what is prepared by Sana’a forces that started tribal sit-ins at the level of Yemen to condemn the crime of Islah militia against Suba’yan family in Wadi Abedah, in Marib province, where Islah militias stormed the home of sheikh Mohsen Suba’yan and killed his family consist of 8 personel including women and children.

Tribal mass sit-in for tribes in the neighboring province Al-Jawf, gave Marib tribes three days to surrender the involvers or open the way for Reprisals from the crime of Islah militias.