Islah forces control strategic sites in Taiz

Islah Party (Yemeni Brotherhood)’s forces took control of strategic locations in al-Turba city, the capital of al-Shamayatin district, in Taiz province, on Monday.

A local sources said that the current tensions between the Islah militants and the so-called “Tariq Saleh forces” backed by the UAE in the western coast, point to the two parties readiness to launched a new round of fighting inside the city of Taiz .

Islah militants had created a branch of the so-called “military police” in al-Turba, after the withdrawal of ten military patrols Sunday to the city of Taiz, the provincial capital, the sources added.

On Sunday, Tariq Afash sent hundreds of his gunmen in civilian clothes from the coastal districts of Mocha and Khokha to take over the city of al-Turba after Saturday’s clashes, which left one dead and seven wounded on both sides.

This military conflict between the militias loyal to Saudi-led coalition in al-Hujariyah region after controlling Mocha in the western coast comes in the context of the international conflict around the Red Sea, specifically tightening control over Bab al-Mandab Strait, which is the most important waterway in the world.