Demonstrators in Taiz demanding trial of Islah leaders

A big demonstration break out in Taiz city today in protest against the continuing deterioration of the security situation, condemning the crimes committed by Islah Party militias and Saudi-backed forces.

The demonstrators raised banners calling for the trial of the leaders of the “security committee” headed by Mansour al-Akhali, appointed by the exiled president Hadi as director of the security of the province, who is accused by the demonstrators of being behind many of the murders in Taiz.

The protestors closed the Headquarters of Taiz province office on Jamal Street, and repeated slogans against the “Hadi’s government” and the Saudi-led coalition countries, due to the lawlessness and the assassination crimes involving the coalition armed militias in the province.

The city of Taiz is witnessing an insecurity state in the areas that are under the control of the armed militias loyal to the coalition.

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