UAE establish military base in Socotra

Emirati forces in Socotra, on the eastern coast of Yemen, began on Sunday to establish a military base on the most important intersection point in the Indian Ocean of Arabian Sea.

This coincides with the negotiations continuation between Hadi and STC in Riyadh, in a move; it might blow up Saudi efforts to make any progress in the negotiations.

Tribal sources revealed that UAE forces started to establish a private site in Ras Qattinan, after the tribes being forced to hand it over by force despite UAE failed previously to subdue them.

Sources said that the STC head of the island, Raafat Al-Thaqaly, told the tribes of the island that their villages will be bombed if they did not hand over the strategic site that UAE seeks to establish a control point and deploy a radar system to it, in order to secure the military base that is being prepared to be established near the site.

Al-Thaqaly officially handed over the site to Khalifa Foundation delegate the Emirate military ruler Khalfan Al Mazroui, while sources confirmed the arrival of drilling equipment to prepare the site.

UAE had rejected any negotiations around the island that its followers in STC had controlled several weeks ago, after the withdrawal of Saudi forces from the administrative center, Hadibu.

The UAE moves indicate that Abu Dhabi is seeking to impose the military base as a fait accompli on Hadi, whose news from senior negotiations in Riyadh talks about his requirement to expel UAE or send its file to the Security Council.

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