Fierce Clashes renewed in Shabwa

Violent clashes break out again on Monday between Islah party’s forces and southern transitional council (STC)’s militiamen in al-Arim area of Shabwa province, tribal source said.

The Southern separatists militants targeting Islah  military reinforcements came  from Bayhan district to Shaqra in al-Arim area and destroyed   a tank and several military vehicles.

According to the same source, the Islah militants are continuing to assemble fighters and send military backups from Marib and Shabwa provinces to Abyan,

Shabwa and Abyan provinces witness violent clashes among Islah and southern militiamen despite Saudi Arabia attempts to stop them.

in a new progress, Islah party’s militias arrested a commander loyal to Shabwanian elite forces in Shabwa province.

The sources confirmed that several of Islah militants arrived at Ataq hospital and capture the commander Emad Salim Abdu al-Haq and two of his guards While he was conducting dengue checks inside the hospital.