Dead And Wounded In Taiz Countryside Battles

Confrontations between pro- Islah faction (Muslim Brotherhood’s wing in Yemen) and other Pro-UAE factions renewed on Saturday in the southwestern of Taiz countryside, on the western coast of Yemen.

Local sources said that at least one killed and seven injured during the past hours in the confrontations between Islah party factions and Abu Al-Abbas Brigades backed by Tareq Saleh.

Battles raging in Thabhan district with various types of weapons, where pro-UAE factions trying to restore the 35th armored brigade camp that Islah party factions controlled it, in Subran Mountain late Friday night after confrontations with the brigade’s forces.

The site has strategic importance due to its overlooking over At Turbah city and the pro-UAE factions camps in Al-Hujariah all the way to the western coast.

Factions of Islah party that take Taiz city as its stronghold, had pushed reinforcements of the military police to the southwestern countryside of Taiz, at the end of last week under the name of chasing tax collectors, but the campaign’s goals quickly turned into strategic dimensions, when they attacked the pro-UAE locations and points of the 35th Brigade, within a Turkish plan aimed at controlling Bab-el-Mandeb and the cities of the Western Coast currently controlled by UAE through Tariq Saleh and Giants Brigades.

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