25 airstrikes pound Sana’a ,64 raids on several provinces within 24 hours

The Saudi-led coalition fighter jets  launched more than 64 raids on Yemen’s provinces in the past 24 hours.

The warplanes of Saudi coalition waged more than 25 airstrikes on the Capital Sana’a, on Thursday, injuring a number of civilians in the light of continuing hovering on the Capital.

A security official said that the coalition warplanes targeted a tire warehouse in Dhahban area in Bani al-Hareth district in the Capital, causing burning the warehouse.

The official pointed out that the warplanes launched a raid on al-Nahdain area in the capital, and targeted a warehouse with two raids in Sa’awan in the Capital as well.

The coalition warplanes waged again two raids on Sana’a International Airport, and retargeted al-Hataresh district in Bani al-Hareth in the Capital with two raids as well, and launched three raids on al-Seyanah, Maintenance, area in al-Thawrah district in the Capital, the official said.

The Saudi airstrike targeted a warehouse of household appliances on the 30th St. in Sa’awan area in the Capital, the official said.

They also launched two raids on Sanhan district, three raids on Arhab district, and four raids on Aiban in Bani Matar district in Sanaa province, the official said.

The official added that the coalition warplanes dropped four flash bombs on al-Haimah al-Kharijiya district in the same province.

Eight civilians, including children and women, were killed and wounded by the US-Saudi aggression warplanes in Saada province,  a security official said to Saba on Thursday.

The official added the warplanes launched four raids on al-Maqash area in the vicinity of Saada city, killing a child and an elderly woman and wounding six others, including children.

He said that the Saudi warplanes waged eight raids on separate areas of Saada, causing wide-ranging damage to public and private properties

Additional to four raids on the Republic camp, and targeted al-Dhaher district with a series of raids, and launched a raid on Madhab area in al-Safra district of Saada, the official added.

The official said that the Saudi  fighter jets  launched four raids on Haradh and Midi districts of Hajjah province, and four raids on Khab Washaaf district of Jawf province, and they targeted al-Abediyeh and Mahila district of Marib province with four raids and two raids on Salb area in the district of Majzar in the same province.

The official concluded that the Saudi warplanes waged five raids on Qania area in Bayda province.

in Hodeidah , A military official said that the Saud-backed  forces committed 82 violations, including the flight of five warplanes and a spy plane over the sky of Hays, al-Mandhar, Kilo 16, and 50 St. areas province in the past 24 hours.