Yemen’s Brotherhood Explode Situation In Taiz Countryside

Islah party  -Muslim Brotherhood’s wing in Yemen- explode on Tuesday, the military situation in the southwest of Taiz countryside, which is under the control of Pro-UAE forces.

Fiercest confrontations erupted between the “Military Police” faction led by Islah party leader and units of the Pro- UAE 35th Armored Brigade, deployed in Al-Hujariah.

Local sources said that clashes erupted as Islah factions advanced to besiege the camp of the 35th Brigade in Sabreen Mountain.

Confrontations still continue, and the death toll has not known yet until this moment..

Islah party factions surrounded earlier At Turbah city, the new administrative center of Taiz.

Military sources confirmed that these factions stormed the governmental complex and public markets, in addition to encircling the city’s entrances and exits by creating new points and locations.

Islah factions stationed in Taiz city take the governor’s decision to supply taxes in the city to the state as a justification for expansion to the southwest of the city, which is the birthplace of pro-UAE governor, where previously controlled the points of the 35th  brigade, who accuses the leaders of the group in assassinating its leader, Adnan Al-Hammadi, in Al Samsara area.

The control of these factions, which have recently created camps for the popular mobilization under Qatari-Turkish support on the outskirts of the western coast, will enhance its presence there in preparation for its battle against pro-UAE in Aden and Mocha.

The sources revealed that the Brotherhood factions are currently working to secure the road linking the city of Taiz with the camp of the Fourth Brigade belong to it, and stationed in Tur Al Bahah District of Lahij province.

These factions have also strengthened their position towards the coastal districts under Tariq Saleh’s control.

Later Islah party factions in Taiz rejected the orders of pro-UAE governor to withdraw from the southwest of the city countryside in a new revolt.

This comes in the wake of exploding the situation in Al-Hujariah by these factions.

Tribal sources in At Turbah town said that Governor Nabil Shamsan instructed the military police forces, which are effectively under the control of the Yemeni brotherhoods to withdraw quickly from At Turbah town, stopped the clashes with the 35th armored brigade, but these factions refused to withdraw and took up defense positions in a sign that they will continuing to bring down the areas of the southern west of countryside controlled by the followers of UAE.

Sabreen region has witnessed clashes between the two parties, and tension continues to escalate with Tariq Saleh pushing for groups as reinforcements to the 35th brigade.

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