series airstrikes on Sana’a and Saada

The Saudi-led coalition warplanes launched on Wednesday series of airstrikes on the capital Sana’a, a security official said.

The coalition rides hit Sana’a International Airport with five raids, the official and witness said, adding the warplanes also waged separate areas in the Capital.

The Houthis-run- Saba news agency said that the coalition warplanes launched two raids on Sanhan district of Sana’a province.

The warplanes have also dropped four flash bombs on al-Hayma al-Kharijia district of Sana’a province.

On Saada, Saudi warplanes waged seven airstrikes the Republican Camp in Saada city, and several areas in the province.

The official source said that two airstrikes hit a courtyard of a citizen’s house in al-Maqash area in the vicinity of Saada city, which resulted in the burning of a car, a bulldozer, and a group of properties.

The coalition fighter jets launched also four raids on an area near Saada city, and another raid on the border district of al-Dhaher, he added.