Sana’a forces to implement important strategic steps

In an indication to coming wide operation, the official spokesman of Sana’a forces, brigadier Yahya Sarie, announced that the forces will head to important strategic steps, in light of what he described its religious and national duties,  towards Yemen and its people.

Sarie statements comes in conjunction with the statement of defense minister in Sana’a government who confirmed that Yemeni armed forces would continue to carry out the strategic offensive operations in order to end aggression coalition’s arrogance.

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Brigadier Sarie said to the Yemeni people that Sana’a forces confident that Yemeni people will stand a position of dignity and pride and they will win for their history and principles, and they will be as they were loyal and free always to the side of their armed forces until liberating whole Yemeni lands.

Sarie said that the confrontation with coalition continues until victory is achieved.

Brigadier Sarie announcement on important strategic steps that his forces will do, comes after wide military accomplishment achieved by these forces on field and deterrence level through using smart weapons.

During the past months, Sana’a forces seized Nihm district and AlJawf province and wide areas from Al-Baidha and Mari’b, and currently they are on the outskirts of the last city, while the operations of deterrent balance carried out by targeting Saudi depth, and hitting important targets, most notably Saudi Defense Ministry, The Intelligence headquarters, and military bases.

It is not known whether the steps that Sana’a forces will take will be the storm and control Mari’b city, or implement more painful strikes in the Saudi depth, and perhaps the Emirati depth, or to carry out operations in the Saudi borders towards Najran, Jizan and Asir cities, or elsewhere. The sixth year of the war, as the leader of Anssarallah vowed, Abd al-Malik al-Houthi, is a year that the coalition must await unforeseen surprises.

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