Sana’a Warns of an upcoming Health Disaster, blames UN

The Ministry of Public Health and Population in Sana’a government has confirmed that a health disaster awaits Yemenis in the coming days due to the negative ness of the United Nations and the absence of its real role in Yemen.

The ministry said in a statement that the continued intransigence under the cover of the countries of US- Saudi-led coalition in the reservation of oil derivatives ships has created a major crisis in Yemen at all levels, especially the health sector.

The ministry’s statement We at the Ministry of Public Health and Population would like to make it clear to the Yemeni people and to the international community that:

First: – The average monthly consumption of the health sector in both government and private (2.594.230) liters two million and five hundred and ninety-four thousand and two hundred and thirty liters equivalent to 26 thousand tons.

Second: – The quantity currently available is only enough for a few days, which means that we will gradually close the services of hospitals (government and private) according to priority.

Third: With the Corona pandemic, the need has increased even further because we have to establish isolation centers and spraying needs for control, health awareness and others.

Fourth: – The problem lies not only in the operation of hospitals, but the most serious in the ability of the patient to reach the hospital to receive the service, which became almost incapable of doing so with the lack of oil to operate the car that transports him to the health facility and here is the greatest danger where many patients resort to stay at home and die silently because of their inability to reach the facility.

Fifth: This crisis, which has been caused by the aggression, is an additional burden on the citizen by rising transport prices, and this generates other psychological problems and also leads to higher prices for many services, medicines and others as a result of this problem, all of which are a burden on the citizen.

In short, the general situations of the health sector under the US-Saudi-led aggression blockade pandemic and the denial of access to oil derivatives.

We call on the countries of the free world to denounce and denounce the positive and effective actions of US-Saudi-led aggression coalition cover and with the negative ness of the United Nations.

Ministry of Health spokesperson, Dr. Youssef Al-Hadhri, said that the aggression’s detention of oil ships has critically reflected the health situation, and thousands of patients’ lives are at risk.

He told Almasirah that the United Nations is providing figures of the scale of the health disaster in Yemen and ignoring the cause.

He pointed out that the UN envoy did not move a finger against those seizing fuel ships for months and the threat it poses to the health situation.