Sana’a Announces Liberating areas in Al-Baidha and Marib

The Sana’a Armed Forces announced the liberation of the entire Radman district in al- Baidha, Qaniyah front and most of Mahliyah districts in Marib province.

Sana’a Forces spokesman, Brigadier Yahya Sare’e, revealed  in a press briefing on Monday that the Armed Forces liberated 400 square kilometers in Al- Baidha and Marib. He added that the military operations continued towards the Qaniyah district, while the enemy suffered massive collapses and daily casualties.

“During our operations in Qaniyah, the traitor Yasser Al-Awadi mobilized with the aggressive countries mercenaries to Radman district to create chaos,” he said, noting that the local authority in Radman advised him to stop and not to implement the aggressive countries’ plan.

He added that the aggressive countries supported Al-Awadi with money, weapons, mercenaries, from “Al Qaeda and ISIS”, and Air support. “Al-Awadi set up an explosive factory to target the Armed Forces, the Popular Committees and the security forces in Al-Baidha”, he said.

Armed Forces spokesman explained that the air cover that was provided, by the Saudi aggression to Al-Awadi, launched more than 200 raids.

Brigadier Sare’e said that more than 250 elements  from Saudi-sponsored forces were killed, injured and captured during the three days, and at least 20 armored vehicles and machinery were destroyed. Large quantities of weapons including entire stores and armored vehicles of Emirati and Saudi forces were seized by the Army and Committees.

Sare’e said that he participated in the implementation of the qualitative military operation leading various units, including the Air Force and the Rocketry Force.

He confirmed that the Armed Forces will implement important strategic operations defending the Yemeni people and liberating the country.