Houthis vow to end Saudi’s arrogance

Minister of Defense in the Yemeni National Salvation Government in Sana’a , Major General Mohammed Nasser al-Atifi  , on Tuesday confirmed that the Yemeni armed forces would continue to carry out the strategic offensive operations in the geographical depth of the enemy to put an end to its arrogance, aggression, and brutal crimes against the Yemeni people.

“The missile force and drones imposed their equations on the reality of the confrontation and reflected the military capabilities that Yemen possesses to deter aggression and target its strategic and vital locations,” the defense minister said in a statement .

Al-Atifi praised the courageous patriotic stances of the free Marib tribes who stand side by side with the armed forces and popular committees to rid themselves of the aggression coalition that trades with the blood and souls of the people of Marib.

He indicated that the liberation of Radman district and the areas of Qaniyah and Abdiah is a qualitative achievement to enhance security and stability in Bayda province.

The Minister of Defense noted that what is going on in the occupied southern and eastern provinces is regrettable, renewing the call for all deceived and mislead people who are still fighting alongside the invasion and occupation forces to return to the path of righteousness and stand by the homeland and the people.

“The political and military equations have changed in favor of Yemen, and the forces of aggression have been defeated and they no longer have a way other than leaving the country,” he said.

Yesterday, Sana’a forces spokesman confirmed that the Armed Forces will implement important strategic operations defending the Yemeni people and liberating the country.

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