Fourth Deterrence Balance Operation … A New Equation In The Warpath

The Fourth Deterrence Balance Operation that targeted the Saudi capital, Riyadh, with a large number of ballistic and winged missiles and drones of the Air Force formed a natural and legitimate response of Saudi-led aggression coalition’s violations and its crimes against the Yemeni people.

The Fourth Operation also comes against the backdrop of the legitimate right to deter the continuing crimes against the innocent Yemeni people.

Some facts must be carefully examined after the fourth deterrence balance process for the Yemeni Armed Forces, perhaps the most prominent of which is that Yemen is facing an enemy that only believes in force to deter and force it to desist its persistence, In reality of the war that has been going on for more than five years, is evidence of that.

Our country inclines to peace more than once and stretches out its hands to all as well, not because of fear or weakness, but it is the Logic of Strength. However, the enemy rejected Yemen’s calls and its tendency to peace, so the Yemeni armed forces must take all deterrent measures against the enemy who only believes in force.

A new equation on the warpath has imposed itself now that all Saudi lands are within the range of ballistic missile fire and drones of the Yemeni armed forces.

The Kingdom of Al-Saud has exposed itself before the world and has appeared weak, fragile and unable to protect itself despite the billions of dollars it spends on purchasing modern weapons and military spending.

The kingdom of evil currently appears weaker than ever after it has been inflicted by painful strikes on its depth and on its most sensitive positions by the Yemeni armed forces, which the kingdom seemed unable; acknowledging its defeat becomes a matter of time.

The Yemeni armed forces, as seen by military analysts and followers, is in constant development, and the years of war have given it strength, durability, and immunity, and the military experiences have been gained by the reality of the battles and the course of the war that has been followed in its management have accumulated various strategies and tactics.

The fourth deterrence balance operation was a warning to the aggressive forces that it was impossible to stop it for this type of large-scale military operation, despite the modern military technology in its sophisticated air defense systems, they were unable to fend aircraft and ballistic missiles off.

The Yemeni army now has a new reality acquired over the past five years that has imposed its course on the enemy. The field of military operations and enemy territory has become an open book of the Yemeni fighter hitting wherever it wants and at any time it wants and nothing before the forces of aggression except to accept the defeat that has become a matter of time and it becomes clear for all.

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