Sana’a renews coalition responsibility for leak from Saffer Ship‏

Member of the Supreme Political Council (SPC) , the highest ruling authority in Sana’a, Mohammad Ali al-Houthi held countries of Saudi-led coalition responsible for the economic and environmental impacts resulting from any leakage that may occur from the floating tanker Saffer.

Al-Houthi in his Twitter Account denounced the British role regarding Safer oil reservoir, “If you think that the fish species are more valuable for you than the Yemeni people, then you as the British confirm your absolute dependence on the US Foreign Ministry, which declared its concern over the Yemeni shrimp previously.” , While you, the US and Britain, participated as two countries and officially declared the siege and killing of the Yemeni citizens by participating and leading the war against it. ”

What the aggression and the embargo did economically and environmentally in Yemen did more harm than any leakage that we had evacuated our responsibility for,” he added.

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi criticized the British ambassador Michael Aron against the background of his statements during a symposium on a Saffer tanker organized by the so-called  The Yemeni Coalition of Independent Women via the Zoom electronic platform.

Al-Houthi said ” You are not a policymaker, but a news and reports carrier,” noting that “peace in Yemen does not need to be detailed according to what the aggression countries want, nor can it come from seminars and conferences with non-actors on the part of the Republic of Yemen in Sana’a and the party of the aggression countries.”

The Supreme Political Council Member held the Saudi coalition countries fully responsible for any catastrophic results regarding the floating tank for more than a year.

He said in tweets a week ago, “We abandoned our responsibility for any leakage that could occur in a Safer oil tanker, and we call for moving forward in negotiations on this issue seriously.”

Any disastrous will happen, God forbid, so we held the United States of America and the Saudi-led coalition countries the full responsibility for Saffer’s issue because of the continuing blockade and not allowing the sale of oil stored in the Safer floating tanker, and we have previously held them the responsibility for that.

Previously, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi had tweeted in May and went on saying ” the US- British-Saudi- Emirati aggression countries and their allies are crying about the possibility of an oil leak from Safer that may kill marine life, while they are killing the people in Yemen.

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