Islah launched new battles in Taiz

forces of Islah Islamic party (Yemen’s brotherhood) in Taiz province begun on Sunday, blockading pro-UAE brigade in an attempt to blow up the situation in the southwestern of countryside..

This coincides with the start of Turkey military wing its military operations in Abyan, as part to abort the efforts of Saudi-Emirati coalition to cease fire, in southern Yemen.

Local sources in Ash Shamayatayn district of Taiz province said that major military reinforcements were being led by military police chief and leader of Islah party, Muhammad al-Khulani arrived to the district from the city.

These forces launched an attack immediately upon their arrival at the brigade’s 35 armored points in Al Samsara area.

Sources confirmed that these forces were able to control Points allocated to collect khat taxes at the entrance of the city after expelling the brigade forces under Hayel Aldogesh leadership.

These forces justified their attack by implementing the decision of Governor Nabil Shamsan, what requires the formation of committees to collect taxes, even though Islah and its factions in the city rejected the work of the committees within their controlled areas.

The son of the city’s tax director, Fuad Al-Saba’y, threatened the committees to “beheading” in case it began its work in the city.

The pro-UAE Taiz governor, directed to form committees in the city a few days ago to collect taxes that go for the benefit of leaders of “Brotherhood” factions. However, the reaction of these factions evidenced by its attempts to blow up the situation in the strongholds of the governor Shamsan by transferring the taxes battle to Al-Hujariah.