Gulf’s Products in exchange of oil derivatives

Saudi-led coalition stipulated the entry of Gulf Products into Yemen’s Market that under Sana’a government control  (Houthis), in exchange of releasing the oil derivatives ships that are holding in Jizan port.

Economic leaks indicated that coalition has not disclose on the products it wants to bring it into Yemeni market, which is under Sana’a’s control and represents about 80% of commercial and economic activity in Yemen.

At the beginning of 2020, Sana’a issued several promotional decisions for local products, including the prevention of similar foreign products to enter the domestic market. Meanwhile, Al-Jawf Customs, of Sana’a’s Authority, seized more than 900 tons of coffee product coming from Saudi Arabia last month, in light of encouraging the local coffee product.

Moreover, Fadel Mansour, chief of Yemeni Society for Consumer Protection, confirmed there is pressure to bring more Gulf products to local market, indicating that they acquired 80% of Gulf products compared to only 20% of local products, pointing out that coalition has systematically destroyed the economic and industrial infrastructure to stifle Yemen.

Mansour pointed out that Yemen nevertheless exports local products under the siege, pointing to the exist of other alternatives to get out of this situation.

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