Yemeni children bearing burden of war : EU

The European Union expressed its concern about the increasing number of child victims of the conflict in Yemen. An EU spokesperson said that civilians, including children, are bearing the burden of intensified hostilities in the country.

“All attacks against civilians are unacceptable,” said the spokesperson, “and the number of child victims of the conflict in Yemen is alarming.”

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The EU underlined its request to urge all parties to initiate political talks under the auspices of the UN. It noted its full support for the UN Special Envoy’s efforts in this regard.

The comments were made in a statement published on the EU’s website, which pointed out that the recent cross-border attack is “inconsistent” with the efforts of envoy, supported by the European Union and its member states, to reach a ceasefire and resume political negotiations.

The Saudi-led Arab coalition announced the interception of eight booby-trapped drones launched by the Houthis towards Saudi Arabia on Tuesday evening, as well as the destruction of four ballistic missiles at dawn on Tuesday that were targeting a number of regions in the Kingdom.

While Sana’a armed forces announced about largest offensive operation, the fourth deterrent balance, on Tuesday, June 23, targeting the capital of the Saudi with a large number of ballistic missiles, wings, and drone forces.

According to Sana’a announcement, the offensive operation targeted military headquarters and military centers in the capital of the Saudi enemy, Riyadh, with al-Quds and Dhi-al-Fiqar missiles, and three Sammad drones, according to a statement issued by the armed forces in Sana’a.

The statement also indicated that the offensive operation targeted the Ministry of Defense and Intelligence, Salman Air Force Base, and military sites in Jizan and Najran regions.

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