UN behind failure prisoners’ agreement : Sana’a Prisoners’ Committee

The head of pro-Houthis National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs in Sana’a Abdul-Qadir al-Mortadha said that the united nations caused the failure to implement prisoners’ agreement that signed in Jordan’s capital, Amman, held the UN envoy to Yemen responsibility for this disappointment.

Al-Mortadha said that “The UN envoy and his team hold a large part of the responsibility for the failure to implement Amman agreement on the prisoners, due to their poor performance, tolerance and silence on actions carried out by the Saudi-led colaition states to obstruct all concluded agreements.

He affirmed Sana’a authorities have been prepared for more than two months to implement all agreements and to accept all the solutions and proposals that presented.

“unfortunately, the Saudi-backed forces insisted on rejecting and obstructing the agreements and the United Nations did not take any action against them,” He added.