After long absence, Hadi thanks KSA and appeases STC

The Exiled President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, delivered his first speech since 2019, following a meeting he held with his advisers, deputy, and the parliamentary body in Riyadh on Saturday. According to official media, Hadi touched on event developments in the past months, in which Hadi was absent from media.

Hadi demanded the cease-fire in an implementation for the Saudi invitation a few days ago, and just denounced what happened in Socotra.

Hadi confirmed his thanks to the Saudi king and his crown prince for what he described as support for legitimacy.

Hadi said, transitional forces should have been in Tharah Heights, Sirwah and Nihm, not in Socotra.

Political analysts said, Saudi Arabia allowed Hadi to appear publicly for the first time in a year, after Islah forces in Abyan province stipulated a ceasefire through direct guidance from Hadi.

Hadi devoted large part of his speech in attacking the conflicting parties in his government south and east of the country, in a sign to Islah and STC, even though he addressed STC with greatest friendliness when he demanded those described by his sons in the council to forgive and return to peace.

Hadi’s speech provoked angry reactions among leaders and activists of Islah party who were counting on him to expel UAE and end Riyadh agreement.

In first comment to Islah leaders, Tawakkol Karman, member of Islah Shura Council, described Hadi as a “traitor.” while, party’s journalist Yassin Al-Tamimi said  Hadi’s speech reflected the collusion of Saudi Arabia and UAE in a conspiracy against Yemen under the umbrella of Hadi.

Meanwhile, leaders and activists of pro-Emirati Transitional Council expressed their satisfaction with Hadi’s speech, that included explicit criticism to “Brotherhood” movement in legitimacy and his announcement to stop the war.

The assistant secretary-general of STC, Fadl Al-Jaadi, confirmed his support to Hadi’s call in implementing Riyadh agreement, describing those who rejected the agreement as “war merchants” and seeking to drag the country into abyss.

For his part, leader of the council Jamal bin Attaf said that Hadi’s speech on the war of Abyan and the south, made his position clear, pointing out that his call to stop the war in Abyan removes the cover from the “Brotherhood” and pushes coalition to deal with any military moves.

Hadi’s speech become extremely popular among transitional activists who handled excerpts, especially those that give the STC a higher status than “Islah”, and STC’s final steps being initiated in Socotra and southern provinces.

Hadi’s word provoked Islah’s leaders’ anger who described him as a “traitor and mercenary.”

While press sources revealed on sharp differences between components of the so-called “legitimacy” before the recent appearance of Hadi in Riyadh..

sources said that a stream led by Hadi’s advisors Abdulaziz Jubari and Ahmed Obaid bin Dagher along with “Brotherhood” leaders  tried to pressure Hadi, to announce the end of Riyadh agreement, at a time when Hadi’s current movement rejected this step and reiterated in his speech that he would not go out of “coalition.”

Differences widened when “legitimacy”   received promises from the Saudi ambassador during a meeting held Thursday evening at Carlton Hotel in Riyadh to form a joint committee from the transitional, Hadi and coalition to normalize the situation in Socotra. Explaining that differences were over who will head Hadi’s team.

Sources reported that disputes escalated to the point that pushed Hadi to yell at Jubbari and Bin Daghr and asking them to sit in his place.

Hadi began his word flirting STC and coalition at a time he ignored attacking or praising UAE , as in the case of Saudi Arabia, in a message shows that he is still sticking to Riyadh and Riyadh is the only who controls the game’s threads.