coalition waged over 400 airstrike last week: Sana’a Spokesman

The Saudi-led coalition fighter jets launched more than 400 airstrikes on a number of provinces during the past week, Sana’a forces spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, said Today.

The air strikes were distributed in the provinces of Marib, Jawf, Sana’a, Amran, Saada, Hajjah, al- Baidha and the boarder fronts, the spokesman explained.

Sarie confirmed that the pro-Coalition forces continue to escalate on several fronts, and launched during the past week more than 25 attacks and infiltration attempts, which were distributed in Marib, Jawf, West Coast, Saada, Bayda and border fronts.

On Thursday, the Saudi-led warplanes have launched 34 strikes on four provinces.

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Since April 9th, the Saudi-led coalition warplanes  have carried out more than 2,891 raids, while the total number of offensive and infiltration operations have reached more than 195, he added.

A week ago , Sana’a revealed that the Saudi-led coalition aircrafts launched more than 450 air strikes on a number of provinces during the past week.

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