Sana’a Military Messages.. And Narrow Saudi Options In Yemen 

Sana’a hit with its ballistic missiles and drones the main Saudi gates, that secured with US Patriot Systems, putting Riyadh in front of two options…  what are the recent Sana’a’s messages?

Nothing can prevent our drones and missiles from reaching their targets accurately, including strategic targets such as Defense ministry, the Intelligence headquarters, and King Salman base in Riyadh. This is what Sana’a has tried to prove it, in its recent operations and mainly focused on the capital, which surrounded by a wide fence of missile defense systems from various industries and confirmed by Reuters, that quoting eyewitnesses confirming the explosions occurrence and watching the billowing of the smoke.

This process will not be the last according to the spokesperson of Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, but it is a reminder to Riyadh that all its attempts to fortify its cities militarily have failed after 6 years of war; on the other hand the timing of this process carries many messages.

On the military level, there are Saudi preparations for an escalation again with its attempt to bring closer its followers in southern Yemen. This escalation was evident in the air strikes that reached its peak last week, and its desperate attempts to open new fighting fronts in Al-Baydha province. So that Saudi Arabia does not forget that it is the most prominent enemy for Sana’a, Sana’a government has blown by its last ballistic missiles, the missile defense systems of Saudi Arabia, to assure that any escalation will be met with a similar escalation. This equation has long been the successful strategy of Sana’a in curbing coalition’s raids and de-escalation.

There is another aspect related to Sana’a’s recent messages, represented by the economic hardship, and the suffering of people that coalition takes it as a weapon against Sana’a, especially after tightening the blockade and preventing the entry of oil derivatives in light of the suffocating fuel crisis in Yemen cities, and the outbreak of Corona epidemic, Sana’a wanted from these operations, as the head of the national delegation, Mohamed Abdel Salam says, to lift the siege and stop the aggression. In a sign that Sana’a, with its latest operation “the 4th deterrent balance” will not stop targeting Saudi Arabia unless its goals achieved.

The recent process comes within the framework of responding on Saudi Arabia’s attempts to invoke “peace” to pressure Sana’a internationally, in order to get it out from Yemen’s war swamp and save its face, as evidenced by recent statement of Arab League regarding the wasting of what described as “Houthis” to peace opportunities, And the talk of US forces commander about a Saudi desire for “peace in Yemen” accompanied by British moves represented in televised meetings between British officials and Sana’a delegation for peace, before that Griffiths put up his peace map, which Saudi Arabia aims to avoid the fall of Mari’b province, at a time Saudi’s followers step up in Al-Jawf province. That’s means Saudi Arabia, which has just circulated in its media, a document signed by the exiled Yemen’s president government with Aramco to prevent the extraction of oil from the “black triangle” that extends from Mari’b to Shabwah, seeks to keep oil regions of eastern Yemen under its control so that Yemen will not recover in future, and this have been rejected by Sana’a government, whose military and political officials have repeatedly declared that there is no peace in Yemen without liberating all Yemeni lands with its sovereignty and its territorial integrity.

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