Yemen cannot breathe -update

Yemeni activists launched on Tuesday  evening a major tweets campaign highlighting the extent of the humanitarian catastrophe caused by blocking the oil tankers from entering to Yemen.

The campaign organizers called for a wide participation in the campaign as the Saudi coalition continues detaining oil tankers despite the deterioration of the country’s health situation, especially with the Coronavirus outbreak.

the major tweets campaign  aims to prove the world the legitimacy of the fourth deterrence balance operation, which came in response to the escalation of the Saudi aggression alliance and the tightening of its blockade on Yemen.

“the coalition attempt to strangle the Yemeni people by preventing the entry of ships of oil derivatives,” organizers said.

Hashtag: #YemenCantBreathe

Date: 23-6-2020

Time: 9:00 PM Sana’a Time (18:00 UTC)

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