Sana’a Release All Involvers In al- Baidha ordeal

The local authority belong to Sana’a government in Al-Baidha province, announced the release of all detained militants who took part in fighting alongside Yasser Al-Awadi in Radman District.

The local authority said, the release came under the direction of revolution leader including his message sent to Radman tribes and figures saying to them, that the release process was in recognition of the positive and rational role played by Redman tribes in quelling sedition.

Local sources indicated that among those released were the brother and son of Yasser Al-Awadi.

Sana’a forces had extinguished the armed movements of Yasser Al-Awadi last Thursday, and were able to resolve the situation within hours, while sources confirmed the “escape” of Yasser Al-Awadi to Marib.

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