Number of Coronavirus Patients Decreases in Sana’a

The capital Sana’a witnessed a decrease in the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, compared to the escalating risks of spreading the disease in the countryside, Sana’a official source believed.

“In the past two weeks, dozens of citizens have died in and outside Sana’a with corona-like symptoms,” health source said.

“However, the number of the cases in the governorates of the Salvation Government remained much less than that in the areas of Hadi Government control,” He added.

“Supreme Committee to Combat the Coronavirus in Aden” announced that it recorded 900 cases and nearly 200 of them died from the virus from late last April until the middle of this week.

In total, the number of patients who died with respiratory diseases in Aden, during the same period, was more than 2000 patients due to epidemics such as dengue, chikungunya, cholera and typhoid.

The symptoms of these epidemics, which cause acute respiratory infections, are similar to those of the Coronavirus disease, but they are more deadly.

According to official medical source In Sana’a, the number of the people who died with similar infections, leading to strokes among some, escalated without knowing whether the cause is corona or not.

Whatever was the cause of the high death rate in Yemen, the deterioration of the health sector’s capabilities as a result of the aggression and siege undoubtedly exacerbated the epidemiological reality.