Al-Mahra tribes call for gathering around Sana’a to liberate southern provinces

Sana’a welcomed all calls for comprehensive liberation on Saturday; this comes after an invitation by Al- Mahrah tribes for gathering around Sana’a and expel Saudi-Emirati occupation.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in Rescue Government, Hussein Al-Ezzi said Sana’a welcomes calls of protesters in Al- Mahrah and highly appreciates the “free voices” started to rise and calls for circumventing around “Ansar Allah” and their national liberation project.

Al-Ezzi indicated that facts were evident, and Sana’a expanding to all and from all over the country.

The deputy of protestation committee and one of the most important of Al- Mahrah sheikh Aboud Haboud bin Qumsit, called during a previous meeting with Al-Jazeera channel to gather around Sana’a to expel the Saudi-Emirati occupation.

Bin Qumsit said, whatever the differences with “Houthis” they remain Yemenis, and current situation, especially in light of the Saudi-Emirati sharing to Yemeni regions, require to circumvent around them cause they are carrying banner of liberation.

Bin Qumsit’s call came on the eve of handing Socotra Island by Saudi Arabia to Emirates in exchange for Aden.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Ali Salem al-Harizi, former undersecretary of Mahrah Province, has called on all Yemenis to confront the Saudi-Emirati occupation and expel them from Mahrah and Socotra provinces.

He accused Saudi Arabia of handing over points and military positions to the UAE-backed Transitional Council (STC)’s militias, so that the Emirates could occupy the island.

In response to the STC incursion into the city of Hadiboh, the capital of Socotra, al-Harizi said that “Saudi Arabia and the UAE are the ones occupying the Socotra archipelago through their tools,” and called on all Yemenis to “stand in the way of the occupation projects and tools.”

The sheikh explained that “since 2017, the sons of Mahrah have spoken about what the Saudi occupation is causing.”

Regarding to the coalition-backed government, Sheikh al-Harizi blamed the Hadi puppet government for what is happening in Socotra, accusing it of “legalizing the UAE and Saudi occupation of Socotra and Mahrah.”

“They are the main causes for what has happened, and they are the responsible for all the victims that fall,” the sheikh said.

Sheikh Al-Harizi pointed out that the Saudi forces came to Socotra to help the UAE occupation of the island, stressing that Saudi Arabia is “the spearhead that manages the UAE and its militias.”

He reiterated his accusation that the coalition has destroyed Yemen in all economic and humanitarian aspects, and does not care about fraternal and neighbourly relations.

Al-Harizi concluded that the Socotra archipelago does not mean the sons of Socotra and Mahrah alone, adding that Socotra is a Yemeni province and that the responsibility for its liberation lies with the Yemeni people and all the free Yemenis. He concluded by promising that “the UAE and Saudi Arabia will pay a high price.”