A Saudi-Emirati agreement bypass agents in Yemen

In the midst of local parties’ preoccupation south of Yemen, with battle fever, Saudi Arabia suddenly unveiled a new agreement between pro-Emirati transitional council and pro- Saudi side Hadi government.

However, this proposal, which paves the way for implementing Riyadh agreement, seems foggy for local party’s leaders, including those residing in Riyadh, Was the new agreement drawn up by Emirates, or were proxy conflict parties aware and trying to calm their supporters?

In southern Yemen, attention was focused on developments in Socotra, eastern of Yemen, where confrontations have been taking place two days ago between local parties, this battle was an extension of confrontations in Shabwah, reaching to Abyan, not to mention the escalating tension in Lahij and the raging disputes in Hadhramaut, but soon the coalition divert it, with a proposal that called Saudi, and it basically does not carry anything new except simple amendment to Riyadh agreement that gives UAE the guardianship right on Socotra, while Saudi Arabia hold over the most important oil provinces from Shabwah to Al Mahrah.

This agreement, that Saudi Arabia chose neutral media to leak it, before it was republished by its official means, began with political leader’s reaction and official positions for local entities, as these parties were not aware, was it really, or they were trying to cover up their scandal?

Transition council, who promised his supporters with fully sovereign state from Al Mahrah to Bab al-Mandab Strait, his leader’s positions varied. Some considered the leak a selective part of agreement that did not reveal the rest of its details, while others denied it completely, but through the statement of STC’s official spokesman, it appears the transitional is concerned that the agreement will lead to the collapse of his forces, particularly in Abyan, and he has begun attacking Saudi channels and accused them of selectivity.

On the other hand, no official of Hadi’s government has commented except Hadi’s office director who welcomed the agreement. While other officials, highlighted Hadi’s concerns from the proposal that would lead to vanish the “legitimacy.”

Regardless of the two parties positions whose leaders detained in Riyadh, it seems there are secret clauses in the agreement including privileges for these in exchange for concessions, especially STC’s retreat, which seized 80 billion riyals days ago, and the announcement of self-management, that would eliminate the rest of council popularity.

in fact, Socotra and Shabwah were place of differences between Yemen war allies since the signing of Riyadh agreement, Until recently, this was evident by recent developments in Shabwah, through Saudi ambassador who settled the battle for the interest of Hadi’s forces, this indicates that Saudi Arabia is now trying to satisfy UAE through Socotra as a kind of sharing, and all indications confirm that the two sides have agreed on this file, due to Saudi forces withdrawal from Hadibu entrances and handing over the security file to the transitional, while neutralizing the remaining Hadi factions.

The new Saudi proposal could end UAE-Saudi conflict in eastern Yemen, but it also transfers the battle to the west, as the two sides are negotiating around the future of Al Anad Air Base, according to official sources, and other files, particularly regarding the fate of Tariq Saleh, who is pushed by UAE to the forefront of Aden authority to shuffle cards. In light of Saudi Arabia’s inflexibility in preventing Tariq Saleh participation as a part in any future negotiations, and that would favors UAE, and her insistence on keeping him within the transitional.