Sana’a forces foiled an armed rebellion middle of the country- update

Anssarallah forces announced on Friday that they had defeated the backed–Saudi forces  led by the local Shaikh and member of Yemeni parliament Yasser al-Awadi, and took control of all areas in Radman district, al-Baidha province.

Also, the local authority in Radman district of Al-Baydha province, announced that the security has been restored to the district after confronting the “mercenaries”  who carried out sabotage activities, led by Yasser Al-Awadi

The local authority in Radman Directorate stated in a statement that Al-Awadi carried out sabotage activities with “mercenaries and takfirist”  from outside the province and they were supported and given weapons by the countries of the Saudi-led coalition .

The local authority in the district confirmed in a statement that the local authority has done its job according to its legal and constitutional powers to confront the paid militants, including Takfiri who came from outside the district, after the district experienced subversive and aggressive actions.

It affirmed that the people in Al-Baydha province will not accept any betrayal, and will continue to fight alongside the rest of the Yemeni people in the battle of freedom and independence.

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