Saudi coalition admits killing children, pledges investigation

Just one day after the United Nations  remove Saudi Arabia off child rights blacklist, the Saudi-led coalition asked the United Nations to send them details of accusing them of responsibility for the deaths and injuries of 222 children last year in order to be able to investigate the matter.

The coalition said, in a statement, that it also welcomed the decision of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, to exclude it from the blacklist of the international organization, after several years of the coalition’s first accusation of killing and wounding children in Yemen.

Guterres said, in his annual report to the Security Council presented on Monday, that the coalition “will be removed from the list of killing and maiming (children) in the wake of a significant decline in killing and maiming due to air strikes” and the implementation of measures aimed at protecting children.

He added that the coalition had killed and wounded 222 children in Yemen last year.

In a statement on Tuesday, the coalition said it takes all allegations of violations of civilians and children’s rights seriously.

the coalition is calling on the United Nations to exchange relevant information with him so that they can investigate the allegations attributed to him in the report.

The Saudi-led coalition has been officially on the blacklist for the past three years.

Coalition was recently added to the blacklist in 2016, and former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon excluded them on pending review.

At the time, Ban Ki-moon accused Saudi Arabia of exerting “unacceptable” pressure and unnecessary after sources told Reuters that Riyadh had threatened to cut off some of the United Nations funding. Saudi Arabia has denied Ban’s threat to do so.

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