Sana’a: Saudi coalition push  Al-Awadi to explode situation in al-Baidha

authorities in Sana’a accused the Saudi-led coalition for supporting the local Shaikh in al-Baidha province, mid Yemen, to open new front in the province.

Sana’a forces Spokesman Yahya Sarie, announced on Wednesday that, Yasser Al-Awadi, bombed a situation in al-Baidha province in the direct support by the Saudi-led coalition countries.

Sarie affirmed in a news statement ,”What happened in Radman district of al-Baidha, is a clear and blatant attack against citizens, the army, and popular forces.”

He stressed that the coalition-backed Al-Awadi assaulted citizens and the army sites in the financial and logistical by the coalition states, as well as deployment in the mountains, sectarian and regional incitement, in great efforts to explode the situation in the district without any justification.

Brigadier-General Sari said that called Al-Awadi coordinated with the coalition countries to implement its agenda after receiving military support, money and weapons and refusing all tribal mediations.

He continued, saying, “After Al-Awadi ‘s insistence backed by the coalition countries in exploding the situation, which requires from the armed forces to confront, defend the citizens, and preserve the security and stability of the country.”

Sarie called on all sheikhs and tribes of al-Baidha and Al-Awad to stand together with the state and its army  against the bandits and coalition tools who trade in the blood of the innocent citizens.

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