383 airstrikes on Marib in ten days

Saudi-led coalition fighter jets launched 383 airstrikes on Marib province in the last two weeks, Report said on Thursday.

“Marib province was subjected to intense air escalation by the Saudi coalition with more than 383 airstrikes during the first ten days of June,” report by the Yemeni Press Agency said.

according to conservative security sources the raids were distributed in areas in the districts of Majzar, Sirwah, Madkhal, and Qarabish Huraib.

The numbers also indicated that the coalition launched 250 raids, which were distributed in the areas of Salb, Al-Jafra and Al-Jouf Junction.

The coalition warplanes targeted Sirwah district with 100 airstrikes, 25 airstrikes at the Madghal district, and eight raids on the Quraibish Hareb Directorate.

Sana’a forces spokesman Yahya Sare’e said last Saturday that the total number of the hostile operations that were launched since April 9 amounted to more than 145 offensive operations, infiltrations and more than 2,041 air raids.

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