Saudi coalition open new front in Al-Baidha province

Member of Parliament sheikh, Yasser Al-Awaadi, Launched the war on Wednesday in al-Baidha province, middle of Yemen, after one month of receiving reinforcements from coalition.

This coincides with the approaching of Sana’a forces’ to control Marib province, northern east of Yemen, where Al-Awaadi seeks to ease pressure on pro-coalition forces in Marib front.

Al-Awadi, who has been delaying mediation committees, in Jihad Al-Asbahi’s murder case for nearly a month, announced the formation of a brigade named ” Rdman axis”.

As he also tried in a tweet on social media to disguise this step, which has been formulated in Marib, according to tribal sources, by reviewing it as an invitation to Al-Awad tribes..

Al-Awadi called on the tribes to mobilize immediately and form defense lines for Radman.

The escalation of Al-Awadi coincided with the continuation of mediation efforts between him and Anssarallah forces whom surrounding the area in an attempt to defuse the “crisis.”

Radman area had witnessed past days reinforcements arrival from Marib and the West Coast, after directe defense minister of Hadi government, directed to send quick reinforcements to Al-Awadi.

Al-Awadi’s war announcement comes at a time war coalition on Yemen started new series of escalations with intensive raids targeted the capital and other provinces. This indicates, the coalition seeking to open al-Baidha ‘ front in an attempt to pressure Sana’a to halt the progress of its forces, which are about to liberate Marib city.