Sana’a warns continuation preventing entry of fuel ships

Many  officials in Sana’a National Salvation Government affirmed  that the continued war and blockade on Yemen and the holding of oil derivatives ships would lead to the suspension of all vital sectors related to the daily lives of citizens, such as health, water, sanitation, electricity, and food and pharmaceutical industries, in addition to worsening the economic and living conditions of citizens and increasing the spread of diseases and epidemics, especially in light of the Corona pandemic.

preventing entering the oil derivative ships represents a death sentence for hundreds of thousands of patients, children, women and men: health official said.

The Spokesman for pro-Houthis Ministry of Health, Dr. Yusef Al-Hadri, explained that 903 private medical facilities are at risk of a health catastrophe if aggressive countries continue to prevent the entry of oil derivative ships.

He considered that preventing entering the oil derivative ships represents a death sentence for hundreds of thousands of patients, children, women and men.

Yemeni worker’s Trade Unions, the General Union of Owners of Private Petroleum Stations and a number of civil society organizations warned the United Nations of catastrophic health and humanitarian crises threatening the Yemeni people due to holding oil ships by Saudi-led coalition.

The unions and organizations said in statements delivered today to the United Nations Office in Sana’a, that “the crimes and arbitrary violations by the coalition against the Yemeni people, subjected to for more than five years, are war crimes against humanity.”

It denounced the shameful silence of the international community, the Security Council, the United Nations and its human rights organizations regarding the crimes of aggression and the prevention of oil ships from entering the port of Hodeidah, despite obtaining permits from the United Nations, which increased the suffering of millions of Yemenis. The statements held the United Nations and its envoy to Yemen responsible for not respecting their pronouncements and pressuring the Saudi-led coalition to allow ships to enter the port.

The statements renewed demands for “stopping the war, lifting the comprehensive blockade and canceling the arbitrary restrictions imposed by the coalition countries on the entry of basic commodities from food, medicine and oil derivatives to the port of Hodeidah. It also demanded some pressure on the states involved in the Saudi-led coalition to release the ships and allow their access to the port of Hodeidah.”

“The coalition’s holding of ships of oil derivatives and foodstuffs is a major crime against the Yemeni people,” the officials said.

The Yemeni officials called for the immediate release of oil derivatives that have been held for months by the coalition.

They warned of the consequences of the continuation of the alliance of coalition in the practice of the policy of collective punishment by preventing the entry of oil and gas derivatives ships.

The officials considered preventing the entry of oil derivatives as “premeditated murder”, stressing that the coalition countries would cause a humanitarian catastrophe for thousands of patients, especially those with heart and kidney failure diseases.

They called on the United Nations to assume its responsibilities and work to stop piracy and terrorism practiced by the coalition countries through preventing the entry of petroleum products.

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