As they approach the city.. Houthis send letters to Marib people

political bureau member of Anssarallah Muhammad Al-Bukhaiti, addressed Reassure messages to Marib tribes and Hadi fighters on Tuesday.. This comes as Sanaa’s forces approach the city, last stronghold of Islah in northern east of Yemen.

Al-Bukhaiti said in his tweeter account that Ansar Allah and Mari’b’s people known by their “high morals” and they will not do any retaliation actions against any newcomer from outside the province or against “deluded “from the province people, demanding them to quit fighting and return to their homes ..

Al-Bakheit pointed out, Sana’a forces would allow the involved tribesmen in fighting alongside coalition to keep their weapons in their possession provided to pulls out. pointing that Sana’a realizes that coalition exploited the material need of these people, and exploit marib’s depriving from oil and gas resources that exist in, like other provinces.

Al-Bakheet cited to liberated directorates in Marib, in which no citizens were harmed.

Al-Bakhiti Tweets come after Sana’a forces took control of Al-Jufra and other areas surrounding Mas camp, west of the province.

Meantime, Hussein Al-Ezzi, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in Sana’a government, sent new messages to Islah authority in Marib.

He demanded the release of Samira Marsh and reconnect Sana’a to the gas station, along with resumption of fuel pumping through Ras Issa and stop tampering with the province’s wealth.

He also reiterated the necessity of stopping roads blockage, tribes’ harassment, and arresting citizens.

Observers see that Al-Ezzi’s letters carry an indication that Sana’a decided to liberate Marib, especially it comes in the time that fighting started in the middle of the city between Islah and the tribes of the province, after preventing the tribe’s militants to enter the city with their weapons, which considered a dangerous precedent for the province tribes.