Sana’a Air Force Executes large operations in Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia‏

Sana’a Air Force announced on Tuesday that they carried out a broad operation targeting Fighter Jets’ Hangers, armories and sensitive Saudi military targets in Khamis Mushayt, in Asir, southwestern Saudi Arabia.

“By the grace and generosity of God, our Air Force carried out a massive operation on Fighter Jets’ Hangers, armories and sensitive military targets in Khamis Mushait yesterday evening,” spokesman of Sana’a Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree said in a brief statement.

He explained that the operation was carried out with five Qasef-2K drones, confirming that the drones hit their targets accurately.

Sare’e stressed that this operation comes “in response to the massive escalation of the Saudi-led coalition and its continuous and successive massacres.”

The spokesman Sana’a forces confirmed that “our operations continue as long as the aggression continues in its blockade, aggression and crimes against our country.”

Saree stated the Air Force operations hit their targets accurately, indicating such operations came in response to the massive air escalation and its continuous and successive massacres carried out by the Saudi-led coalition against the innocent Yemeni people.

The Brigadier-General Saree said that operations of the army and popular committees would continue as long as the Saudi coalition continues its siege and crimes against Yemen.