New series of COVID-19 in Aden ..High international rating on death in Yemen

A local doctor in Aden revealed a new series (another type) of Corona virus that struck the city, which exposed during past weeks to a wave of epidemics, left dozens of deaths and injuries, describing health situation in Aden catastrophic.

Dr. Kamal Al-Jabiri called to impose a state of emergency in the city for two weeks and citizens to abide by measures, noting that a new series of virus had appeared recently results in death after a sudden suffocation.

In the context, United Nations renewed on Monday its warning of Corona outbreak seriousness in Yemen. And classified Yemen among the highest global rating in terms of mortality.

This coincides with reducing the effect of the virus by Hadi Supreme Committee talking about its decline despite the terrifying statistics.

United Nations said in a statement that total death rate of Corona in Yemen still high, fewer than 25% of infected cases.

International organization considered that this percentage put Yemen four times higher than world average.

UN statement came at a time Hadi committee said that the severity of virus outbreak in controlled areas had decreased with only recording 23 new cases, including 4 deaths.

According to committee’s statement, Al-Mahra takes the first on the list with 12 infected cases followed by Taiz on average 3 infections and 3 deaths while Aden 4 infections and Dhale two infections and one death case beside Lahij recorded two infected cases.

Doctors without Borders in charge with Corona file in Aden, confirmed earlier the death of hundreds of people with corona, after arriving in the intensive care facilities, who are suffering from a lack of oxygen.