Five Saudi airstrikes hit Sana’a, 62 strikes on Marib

The Saudi-led coalition warplanes on Tuesday launched five airstrikes targeting several areas in Capital Sana’a, a security official said.

According to the official, the airstrikes hit al-Nahdieen district and its surroundings.

On Monday, at least 13 citizens were killed, including four children and a woman when Saudi-led coalition airstrikes hit a car carrying civilians on the main road of Shada border district of Saada province.

Meanwhile, Saudi-led coalition warplanes carried out 62 strikes on Marib province in the same day. The airstrikes hit Madhal and Majzar districts, leaving heavy damages to the citizens’ property.

The Saudi-led coalition warplanes on Tuesday launched additional  five air raids on Sana’a province, a security official said.

They targeted Jarban area in Sanhan district with two raids and three raids on Naqil area in Nehm district, causing damage to citizens’ property.