77 airstrikes on several provinces in 24 hours

The Saudi-led coalition warplane on Tuesday launched  77 airstrikes over the 24 past hours including sixty two over the twelve hours, a military official said late Tuesday evening.

The coalition airstrikes were distributed to 12 airstrikes in the capital Sana’a and Sana’a province, 28 raids on Majzar in Marib, three raids on Amran, seven on Saada, eight on Hajjah and four on Najran, said the official.

The Saudi-led coalition warplanes late Tuesday launched three airstrikes targeting the Sana’a international airport , eyewitness said.

According to the witness, the airstrikes hit Sana’a international airport and its surroundings.

A security official in Sana’a said that  “The US-backed Saudi-led coalition warplanes on Tuesday evening waged three air raids on the vicinity of Sanaa International Airport.”

The official added that the coalition aircraft are still flying over the capital Sana’a.

In Sanaa province, the coalition fighter jets also launched a raid on Beit Athran area in Bani Matar district, west of the capital.