Sana’a: Saudi coalition transfers Coronavirus Infected persons to Yemen

The Houthis-run Committee for Epidemics in Sana’a had warned against the measures taken by the Hadi government to transfer the stranded Yemenis and return them to Yemen, without taking precautionary measures in accordance with international standards and WHO standards.

the Committee called the arrivals to assume their responsibility and adhere to the health regulations and quarantine in the outlets in order to ensure their and their relatives’ safety.

It held the coalition and its mercenaries at home responsible for their enduring and repeated attempts to transmit and spread the corona pandemic in Yemen.

News of the suspension of the Yemeni flight has sparked widespread discontent in the Yemeni governorates in general, and the southern governorates in particular, after medical tests at the airport proved that a number of stranded Yemenis, who were expected to travel through Cairo airport on Sunday to Seyoun Airport, were infected with the coronavirus.

Activists on social media have accused the coalition and its tools of deepening the humanitarian crisis in Yemen by transferring people infected with corona, which will increase the spread of the epidemic in the areas they will reach.

Observers believe that the Hadi government’s progress in its procedures and the transfer of the stranded Yemenis to Yemen, despite knowing that a number of them were infected with the virus, proves the coalition’s role in spreading the pandemic in Yemen during the last period.

According to the observers, what Cairo airport revealed today raises questions about the number of infected people with the coronavirus who were transferred to Yemen during the last period and the coalition’s contribution to spreading the pandemic in the areas to which they return, especially in light of their lack of quarantine.

Seyoun Airport had received over the past three days three flights from Cairo, the stranded arrivals were transported to their provinces by dedicated buses without being subjected to quarantine procedures.