STC’s forces chasing security belt  elements in Abyan

forces loyal to the pro-Emirati  Southern Transitional Council (STC)  launched on Saturday, a chase campaign against members of the security belt in Abyan province amid news said that the security belt commander, Abd al-Latif Al-Sayyid,, had revolted.

Local sources reported that groups from Dhale province and Yafa’, accompanied by units of Tariq Saleh factions, stormed a number of houses in Ja‘ar and Zinjibar towns – the birthplace of Al-Sayyid – and took a number of security belt elements to an unknown destination amid accusations of being puppet forces to Hadi.

This comes amid the disappearance of the security belt commander in Abyan Abd al-Latif Al-Sayyid, after the injury of his deputy and the death of a number of his leaders in the recent battles of Abyan.

The sources confirmed the directives of Al-Sayyid to withdraw his personnel from points and locations in Ja’ar and Al Kawd, all the way to Zinjibar. Explaining that the directives of Al-Sayyid came after he was summoned by Emirati officers to Aden, where he was asked to hand over sites and his heavy weapons to the factions of “Huras Aljumhuria”, that Emirates seeks to deploy its elements on Aden entrances.

Al-Sayyid accused of facilitating Hadi’s forces last storming to his camp in Ja’ar, and looting advanced UAE weapons, including thermal missiles.

Meanwhile, Hadi’s media revealed on contacts between Al-Sayyid and Hadi’s military commanders Shuqrah town. Noting that Hadi’s forces offered to take Al-Sayyid out to the Sultanate of Oman in exchange for his joining and handing over his weapons.

The dispute between UAE and Al-Sayyid, backed formerly by Saudi Arabia, dates back to last August, when he withdrew his forces from Zinjibar, allowing Hadi’s forces to enter Aden, then UAE tried to change him from the security belt command by issuing 3 new appointment decisions to no avail.

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